Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This week's must-see shows

UPDATE: Thanks to David Menconi for letting me know that the VLV show is actually Saturday, which means I can see then AND Hickr'y Hawkins! I'll probably be there after the Everclear show.

I think the club owners in this town need to start consulting me before booking bands. Once again there are two really good shows happening on the same night. Charlotte's Hick'ry Hawkins (pictured above), whom I meant to see last time he was in town, will be at The Hideaway on Friday. Since a friend of mind has been raving about him forever, this is the show I will most likely see.

However, it should be noted that the fabulous Viva la Venus (above) will play a benefit for the West Memphis 3 on the same night at the Downtown Event Center, a really unimaginative name for the space that used to be Raleigh Music Hall and the Martin Street Music Hall. That's such a convenient space with so much potential. It's a shame that it's seen so many ups and downs. It would be a great spot for a resurrected Kings, but apparently that's just not in the cards. Maybe this time someone can make a go of it.

Finally, on Saturday, the Bud Light Downtown Concert Series continues it's track record of bringing slightly washed-up '90s hitmakers to Moore Square for a free show. This time it's Everclear, who I really couldn't care less about (OK, I lie -- I like the song "Heroin Girl"), but as per usual, they've got some really good local openers. Saturday will feature A Rooster for the Masses, Hobex, The Never and, uh, Mickey Mills & Steel, just in case you need a little steel drum action to go along with your indie rock. See you there!

Two more things: Everyone please check out the Perm and Skullet, a great new local music blog I've just discovered. Actually, I don't think it's that new, but I have just discovered it.

Finally, since I've had this song in my head all day, I want to make someone else's life miserable and put it in theirs:

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