Sunday, November 16, 2008

This Week's cool shows: Dirty Little Heaters, Sir Arthur and more!

(Dirty Little Heaters, with Sir Arthur & the Royal Knights, Slim's, Nov. 23)


Thursday, Nov. 20: Strange Faces, Slim's

Tour kick-off party. I'm usually a little (well, OK, a lot) suspicious of bands who move here and suddenly start trying to be a local band. But I'll forgive Strange Faces, who moved here from Albany, N.Y., because they really are a good band with finely crafted, slightly psychedelic pop songs and some pretty sweet vocals. Go see them, wish them well on their tour, and tell them to come back home soon.

Thursday, Nov. 20: The Old Ceremony, Pour House

I've written a good bit about The Old Ceremony, calling them "pop-gris" to Paste's "pop-noir" label, and comparing Django Haskins to a happy version of Nick Cave. Go see them. Django is truly one of the best songwriters in the area.

Nov. 21: Double Negative with Rocket Cottage Slim's
Raleigh's hardcore kings, soon to be heading to Europe and playing ATP.

Nov. 21: Trekky Records CD-release party, Duke Coffeehouse
With The Physics of Meaning and Butterflies
I like the description on The Physics of Meanings' myspace: "birds and rivers and cars and technology and eyes and hearts, but in song form." They (or he, since it's mostly a one-man outfit) remind me of Arcade fire and Future Kings of Nowhere. The songs make me happy and sad at the same time. Butterflies is another band that's mostly the vision of one guy, only his sound is more subdued and stripped down -- and yet strangely also reminds me of Future Kings of Nowhere.

Nov. 21: Black River, Sadlack's
Fans of The Cartridge Family will like this band, which features CJ Irwin and Joe Reichle from that band, along with Arkansas Bill and Ed Root.

Saturday, Nov. 22: Caltrop with Night of the Wolf and Curtains of Night, Reservoir Bar
Caltrop is currently my favorite band in the area. If you like, heavy, swampy hard rock that still has a form (not just sludge for sludge's sake), you need to see this band. They're seriously one of the few bands that will actually inspire me to get in the car and drive to Chapel Hill for a show. Night of the Wolf is from Chattanooga, and is pretty heavy, but more on the metal side.
Curtains of Night make a lot of noise for just two people. I couldn't really get into their CD, but I'm curious to hear what they sound like live.


Nov. 23: Karen Mann's Birthday Bash with Sir Arthur & the Royal Knights and Dirty Little Heaters Slim's

Come out and help yours truly celebrate with the fine, Nuggets-style rock of Sir Arthur, and the angry-female rawk of Dirty Little Heaters.


Nov. 26: Pre-Turkey Day bash with The Bronzed Chorus with Gray Young, Tir na Nog

The Bronzed Chorus is of my favorite new bands, and one that always defies explanation for me. They're an instrumental Greensboro duo, with the drummer sometimes playing a little keyboard and drums at the same time, and the guitar player has a metallic (in sound, not style) that somehow reminds me of The Edge.

Friday, Nov. 28:
The Proclivities with Hammer No More the Fingers, The Pour House

The Proclivities make snappy, happy, head-bopping pop. Hammer No More the Fingers kind of make snappy, happy, head-bopping pop too, but they get a little crazier in the process. I imagine them wearing blazers and being from some bleak English town, but instead they're from Durham, so I guess they got the bleak part honest.

Friday, Nov. 28: Blankface (reunion show) with I Was Totally Destroying It, Local 506

I don't know the first thing about Blankface, but apparently they're having a reunion show, so if you missed them, this show is for you. IWTDI is going to be the biggest band in America within six months. After hearing "Done Waiting," I can't figure out why they're not the biggest band in America right now.

Saturday, Nov. 29: Jucifer with Black Skies, Volume 11

Despite my love of loud, heavy rock, Jucifer has always left me cold (see my earlier post about Caltrop and how they DON'T rely on sludge for sludge's sake). Black Skies, will melt your ears and have you begging for more.

Saturday, Nov. 29: Thad Cockrell with Bright Young Things and The Moderate, The Pour House

One of the best alt-country songwriters around, and with with a beautifully smooth, sweet voice, Thad deserves to be a lot more well-known than he is.

Saturday, Nov. 29: The Loners with Pinche Gringo, Slim's

The Loners always pack the house, and put on a great show. I don't know what to make of Pinche Gringo. Pinche Gringo is awesome, sloppy, lo-fi garage rock from the drummer for The Spinns, who apparently moved to Mexico, formed a band, and then brought the band back with him.

Monday, Dec. 1: Annihilation Time with Double Negative, Logic Problem, Tooth and Sir Arthur & the Royal Knights, Volume 11

Annihilation Time is hilarious, offensive and rockin all in equal measure. I just can't figure out how Sir Arthur fits into this.


Wednesday, Dec. 3: O'Death with Megafaun and Prayers and Tears (Perry solo), Local 506

Dec. 4: FKON, Tir na Nog

Dec. 5 Magic Babies with Static Minds and The Huguenots, Slim's
Static Minds are formerly Suburban Sweethearts, now with Andy Kerr of The T's on guitar.

Saturday, Dec. 6: Viva la Venus, Dive Bar

Saturday, Dec. 6: American Aquarium, The Pour House

Dec. 6: Death Metal Fest, Volume 11
I waiting for Volume 11 to send out more info on this Death Metal Fest. Or maybe it would just be better to go and be surprised.

, Saturday, Dec. 6: Reservoir 4-year anniversary party
With Transportation, Fin Fang Foom, Caltrop and Monsonia

Dec. 6: Goner, Slim's
Don't think that because Goner don't have a guitar player that they don't rock.

Saturday, Dec. 6: Actual Persons (Living or Dead) with Basalt and Roxcetera, Bull City HQ

Sunday, Dec. 7: Chip Robinson, Sadlack's

Monday, Dec. 8: Off with Their Heads and Dear Landlord, Bull City HQ

Saturday, Dec. 12: Old Habits Mayhem Holiday Bash, The Pour House

Dec. 13: Nikki Meets the Hibachi (Early); Dirty Little Heaters with The Loners (late), The Cave

Monday, Dec. 15: Trekky Records presents Christmas at the Cradle
With the Trekky Yuletide Orchestra, which now has its own CD.

Saturday, Dec. 19: Chatham County Line Holiday Ho Down, The Pour House

Dec. 20: Evil Wiener Christmas show, The Cave

Sunday, Dec. 20: Pinche Gringo with Dirty Little Heaters, Local 506

Dec. 20: Patty Hurst Shifter, Slim's

Thursday, Dec. 25: Terry Anderson's 9th Annual Christmas Throwdown, The Pour House

Dec. 27: Colossus with Hellrazor, Slim's
Colossus is a must-see for Judas Priest fans. Hellrazor describes themselves as "breakneck heavy metal" on their myspace page, and that pretty much describes the music I've heard by them.

Wednesday, Dec. 31: Urban Sophisticates, The Pour House
Check out the footage my former colleague Rob Roberts got of Urban Sophisticates a couple of years ago.

Wednesday, Dec. 31: Kerbloki, Red Collar, Hammer No More the Fingers, Local 506

Jan. 9: North Elementary CD-release party, Cat's Cradle
With guests Kingsbury Manx, Erie Choir and Popular Kids (stand-up comedy)

Jan. 14: Viva La Venus, Lactose Quervo and HOW, The Pour House

Jan 16: Transportation, Slim's
I have, until now, not been aware of Transportation, but when I googled them, I found reviews by esteemed local critics David Menconi, Ross Grady and Grayson Currin. Apparently they're a soft-ish pop group from Chapel Hill, with a CD out on Demonbeach. CORRECTION: This CD is on Fractured Discs.

Jan 21: Vic Chesnutt, Local 506

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