Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This week's cool shows: Benji Hughes and more!

(Benji Hughes)

Folks, this week I'm trying something new. Instead of posting everything I have, I'm just going to post a couple of weeks. Let me know what you think. If anyone wants me to continue putting a couple of months' worth online, I will do that.


Thursday, Feb. 19: Shake It Like a Caveman, Slim's
If R.L. Burnside were a Tennessee hippie, he'd be Shake It Like a Caveman.

Thursday, Feb. 19: Mic Harrison and Chris Berardo & the DesBerardos, Pour House
My only experience with Knoxville's Mic Harrison was at a house party in Chalybeate Springs, of all places, where the food and drink were plentyful, the scenery was pretty, and Harrison's alt-Southern rock fit the mood perfectly. It'll be interesting to see him in a bar.

Thursday, Feb. 19: Max Indian with Bright Young Things, Tir na Nog

Friday, Feb. 20: Here Lies ... with Gollum, Dive Bar
Metal show of the week. Wilmington's Gollum is equal parts death metal and noise, and cites both The Cure and Confessor as influences.

Friday, Feb. 20: Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit with Benji Hughes, Lincoln Theatre
Jason you likely know about. Benji is a big, burly, bearded dude from Charlotte who may be the next Beck.

Saturday, Feb. 21: Triangle Soundpainting Orchestra with The Circuitry Dance Patrol and Projexorcism, Nightlight

I can't explain this nearly as well as Nightlight's Web site. I will say that Shannon Morrow has played in several great local bands, including Bicentennial Quarters and HMS Cervix:

Soundpainting Orchestra - From the band: The Marriage of Eagle and Condor (also known as Stimulus Package - shaken not stirred) Triangle Soundpainting Orchestra presents our newest themed works by 3 soundpainting directors: Shannon Morrow, Stuart Somer, and Juditta Musette. Sounds inspired by the monks of Bhuton, Peruvian mountain ladies, lurching tourists, insects, animals, stormy nights, gypsies, spies, and more. We will be sharing the bill with 2 DC area dance/sound collaborations: The Circuitry Dance patrol and Projexorcism.

The Circuitry Dance Patrol is a collaborative group of artists whittled down to Chic Nerve, aka Rebecca Mills, and Ginger Wagg. Spontaneous yellow and white, electronic texture oozing out of a laptap, a body rolling towards you and lots of things to step over.


Thursday, Feb. 26: Western Civ CD-release party with Mitch Easter and Embarrassing Fruits, Local 506
Western Civ's new CD was produced by the legendary Mitch Easter, and his influence can be heard all over their new tracks, so it's fitting that he is playing their release party. But it is a little strange to see him opening for a much lesser-known band.

Friday, Feb. 27: Harvey Milk with Black Skies, Local 506
True story: For the longest time I had no idea that Harvey Milk was an actual person. I just thought it was the name of a band. Now that I know a little something about the man, maybe I'll check out the movie before hitting up this show. Black Skies are the heaviest band in Chapel Hill, and one of the heaviest in the Triangle.

Friday, Feb. 27: Pomegranates with Polynya and Corey Hart, Nightlight
Pomegranates are cute, infectious pop from Cincinnati. Polynya is cute, infectious pop from Chapel Hill. Corey Hart is not the Sunglasses at Night guy.

Friday, Feb. 27: Old Habits with Shotgun Romance, Pour House
Both these bands are bluegrass, though Shotgun Romance is a bit more on the traditional side.

Saturday, Feb. 28: North Elementary CD-release party with The Whalewatchers, Sir Arthur & the Royal Knights and The Popular Kids, Pour House
I'm seriously wondering how many CD-relase parties North Elementary is going to have. Not that I'm complaining; they keep having good bands back them up at each of their shows. This one features Nuggets-era rockers Sir Arthur & the Royal Knights and Raleigh comedy troupe the Popular Kids, which acutally features Arthur & Trent from Sir Arthur. The Whalewatchers are similar to North Elementary in that they play some seriously edgy, slightly sloppy pop.

Sunday, March 1: Des Ark Nightlight


Friday, March 6: Thad Cockrell with Caitlin Cary, Pour House
Old friends and collaborators Caitlin and Thad have been busier with other projects in the past couple of years, so it's good to see them back together again.

Saturday, March 7: Hank Sinatra, Slim's

Saturday, March 7: Nathan Oliver, with Schooner and The Proclivities, Local 506

Sunday, March 8: Hymns with Death on Two Wheels and The Bridges, Slim's

Sunday, March 8: Future Islands Nightlight

Thursday, March 12: Vetiver, Cat's Cradle
San Francisco freak-folkies with roots in Greensboro's early '90s pop-genius group Raymond Brake.

Friday, March 13: In the Year of the Pig, Nightlight

There will also be an early event from 6-9 p.m.: NL Collective Art Show- check out North Carolina artists during Chapel Thrill's Second Friday Art Walk

6PM-9PM walk, bike, booze around

Friday, March 13: American Aquarium, Lincoln Theatre

Saturday, March 14: The Proclivities with The Moderate, Pour House

Saturday, March 14: Automag, The Brewery


grayson currin said...

Mic Harrison in Chalybeate Springs? Whose party was that? That's where I grew up, right off 401. Currin Rd, actually.

Karen A. Mann said...

A co-worker at the N&O grew up out there, and still has a lot of land. It was quite a party!