Saturday, July 17, 2010

.mp3s of the Week: Bustello, Rat Jackson and Lost in the Trees!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It's not that there's nothing going on. In fact, tonight one of the best show's you're likely to see all summer -- Love Language, Light Pines and Shit Horse -- is happening at Cat's Cradle. I've kind of enjoyed my time away from the blog, but now I'm ready to start posting again, and to get back into it, I want to offer three great local .mp3s.

First up is Bustello (pictured above) which features local luminaries Ben Clarke (Metal Flake Mother) on vocals and guitar, John Plymale (Pressure Boys, Sex Police) on bass and Jody Maxwell (Sex Police) on drums. My boyfriend gets mad at me for describing bands by telling him who is in the band, but in this case I think it will help you understand Bustello. I have said before that MFM was one of the best bands ever to emerge from this area, and since Bustello's music is written completely by Ben, it retains a good bit of MFM's surfy, reverb-soaked guitar sound.

UPDATE: Ben wrote to me and asked that I include "Playground" rather than "Heaven".

"Playground" by Bustello

Chapel Hill's Rat Jackson first got my attention during their Troika set last year, and they're keeping it with their Revenge of the Nerds popwer pop album, "Midnight Get Right." Check them out during their CD-release show Aug. 7 at Broad Street Cafe with Red Collar, Animal and Reid Johnson of Schooner.

"Midnight Get Right" by Rat Jackson

Finally, Chapel Hill's Lost in the Trees has release the beautiful and haunting "Walk Around the Lake" from their upcoming album "All Alone in an Empty House," which will be released Aug. 10. The Trekky folks describe it as "the scariest thing the band has recorded." I think it's brooding and slightly dreadful, sounding like something that Edward Gorey's ill-fated Olive, who was run through with an awl, might enjoy. The band will play the N.C. Museum of Art on Aug. 19. 

"Walk Around the Lake" by Lost in the Trees

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