Sunday, August 22, 2010

.mp3s of the week: Valient Thorr, Left Outlet and more!

In case you misse it, Kings has updated their Web site, and they have several amazing shows coming up in the next couple of months. Among them: Nachtmystium, Zoroaster and The Atlas Moth (three of my current top favorite bands) on Sept. 24, and Valient Thorr with Junius and Howl (whom I had to miss when they were at Volume 11 a couple of weeks back) on Sept. 8.

That show is one of the Hopscotch kick-off parties, and also kicks off a big tour for Valient Thorr in support of their new album "Stranger." Here's the first single, "Double Crossed."

This week's second .mp3 is from Left Outlet, who have just finished recording a new record. This song is "A Fine Line," and I think it has a real INXS quality to it. I was thinking the other day that someone needs to do INXS for the next Cover Up, and since Left Outlet has a stellar track record for Cover Up performances (Queen, Nick Cave), I think they are the ones who can pull it off.

Odds and ends: Ear Farm has a link to the lost Bombadil track.

Check out the Thrill Jockey video for an acoustic version of Future Islands, "Vireo's Eye."


Left Outlet said...

Thanks, Karen!

People can stream the rest of the record at our page if they wanna.

Left Outlet

Anonymous said...

I really liked the Left Outlet MP3 (A Fine Line)

Anonymous said...

Great picks. Really loving the Left Outlet song.

Anonymous said...

That song from Left Outlet is hhhoootttt. Great track, great pick.

Anonymous said...

Left Outlet is rad. A+, sweet song.