Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This week's cool shows: Slurpeeeee reunion, High on Fire and more!

For those of you who only know Jac Cain as the sound Nazi behind the boards at The Pour House, he is also a bad-ass bass player who was in one of my favorite bands back in Greenville in the late '80s. Though they played under a few different names (Soul Train, Hop on Pop), they got the most recognition after they moved to Raleigh and became Slurpeeee. Jac and his wife Lutie (bass player for The T's) are celebrating their anniversary this Friday night (Oct. 22) with a rock show featuring a Slurpeeee reunion, the Bad Checks (another of my college faves) and Leadfoot at - you guessed it - The Pour House. Come on out and relive the old times. 

A little further afield, but also worth checking out this weekend is The Heavy, a funky, soulful English quartet that will be at The Orange Peele in Asheville on Monday night (Oct. 25). You're probably sick of hearing their big hit, "How You Like Me Now," on that car commercial, but don't let that stop you from checking them out. 

Finally there's High on Fire, who are not funky and soulful at all, but are very heavy. They'll be at Cat's Cradle next Wednesday (Oct. 27)

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