Wednesday, February 08, 2012

This week's cool shows: Mark Holland and more

I truly meant to get this online this morning, to get the word out as soon as possible about this awesome benefit for the family of an extremely brave little boy. If you've ever had a love one battle cancer (and I have) you know it's a very draining experience, emotionally, physically and financially. Two-year-old Oliver Gant, son of New Raleigh co-founder Jed Gant, is battling a very rare cancer, and proceeds from this benefit will help the Gants, and benefit organizations that fight cancer. New Raleigh has some excellent details here.

As it turns out, this benefit sold out almost immediately -- most likely due to the fact that the Avett Brothers will return to their roots and play an extremely rare club show at Kings. I'm glad I got my tickets when I did, and I hope you got yours. Kudos to the Indy's Grayson Currin for putting on this amazing show.

In other news, I have a feature article on Mark Holland (Jennyanykind, Jule Brown, Applesauce and various other projects) in today's Independent Weekly. Mark was a lot of fun to talk to, and a lot of fun to watch at the Station. I wasn't able to work the drunk couple who fell the stage during Holland's show into the article. Maybe they'll show up and do a repeat of their shenanigans Feb. 15 at the Blue Note in Durham.

This Thursday, Tir na Nog hosts a metal night with Grohg, Hog and Man Will Destroy Himself. Grohg, of course, has inspired a bit of controversy based on their membership, which includes some folks who don't normally play in metal bands (including Stu McLamb from the Love Language), and the fact that they were given a write up on New Raleigh before they played a show. Some of my friends have said they are going to refuse to see or listen to the band because of this. I don't think that's fair, so I'm going to go to the show and check them out. If they suck, I will let you know, and if they don't suck, I'll let you know that too. But I'm not going to make any assumptions on them without listening to them. Besides, Hog and MWDH will make this show worth seeing regardless.

Also this week:

Thursday: Yandrew (members of Bowerbirds & Lost in the Trees) / The Hill and the Wood + more tba at Nightlight
Friday: Holy Ghost Tent Revival at Lincoln Theatre (glad to see Chris Malarkey from the Pour House now booking this venue, and hope he takes my advice to get more metal there).
Friday: Old Ceremony at Pour House
Saturday: American Aquarium and Samantha Crain at Pour House
Sunday: Sharon Van Etten at Cat's Cradle
Wednesday, Feb. 15: Love Hangover at Kings

Coming up:

March 3: COC, Torche and Valient Thorr at Lincoln
March 10: Windhand at Slim's
March 26: Alcest with Deafheaven, MAKE amd Grogh at Kings
May 4: Decibel Mag tour with Watain, Behemoth, The Devil's Blood and In Solitude at Amos Southend in Charlotte

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They don't suck, musically it's that 90's post metal stuff.