Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This week's cool shows: Agalloch and more

In my 2011 year-end roundup, I listed Agalloch's March show at Kings as my second favorite of the year. Inquisition's last-minute show at Six Forks Pub was in the top spot. And really, there's not a whole lot that could top a couple of dead-serious corpse-painted guys, performing their "ceremony" - as they called it --  to an entranced audience while surrounded by Budweiser signs and posters of St. Pauli Girls.

But time has made me revisit my feelings on that Agalloch show. That show happened a few days before the death of my beloved dog, which ended up being only the beginning of a series of crappy events that reverberated through my life for about a year. So in a lot of ways that show came to represent the "before," when things were calm and good and relatively happy. That's not what most people think of when they think of Agalloch, but that's what I feel when I listen to their music. And that's what I'm hoping to tap into on Sunday night when they return to Kings.

Also happening this week: Dexter Romweber will be at Sadlack's at 7 p.m. on Thursday; Grohg, Demon Eye and Chest Pains will be at Casbah on Thursday; Shoxx, Salvation and Double Negative at Kings on Friday, Whatever Brains at Slim's on Friday night; and Gross Ghost holds a pizza party with free food from Moonlight Pizza at Kings on Saturday

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