Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cool shows this weekend: Raleigh Undercover and more!

OK, I'm not going to repeat myself over Raleigh Undercover. It's undoubtedly the show(s) of the week, and you can read my interview with organizer Chris Tamplin on New Raleigh. If you haven't gotten tickets for the massive Rosebuds/Megafaun two-night extravaganza at Pour House, you're out of luck because both shows are sold out. But honestly, I think the Raleigh Undercover is the better show because there you are guaranteed to see something you will never see again. Rosebuds, Megafaun, Hammer No More the Fingers and Lonnie Walker are all great bands, but they all play around here on a regular basis. If you miss these shows, you will see all of these bands again soon. The big question is whether or not the Pour House will let ticket holders leave the venue to check out what's happening at Tir na Nog. In the spirit of neighborliness, I hope they will.

The other major show this weekend, one which has kind of fallen through the cracks with all the hype over the Undercover and Rosebuds/Megafaun shows, is Double Negative, Whatever Brains (above), Sunglasses and Brain Flannel at Berkeley Cafe on Friday night. Good luck figuring out how to fit everything in on Friday night!

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