Saturday, March 03, 2007

Good times at Kings

All, here's the first installment in the Kings remembrances. I'm going to just keep adding stories to this post and put a permanent link to the post in my navigation bar. Please send me your stories and photos!


Check out Abby's photos from Kings.


Okay, okay, you can laugh at me all you want. I realize how narcissistic
I'm being here. But it's the only time I've ever felt like a rock star and
one of the only good picutures of me rocking out. This was taken by Jay
Winfrey, August 20, 2004 (is that right?) during the Thin Lizzy tribute. It
would be me rockin' out to "Bad Reputation" or "Waitin' For An

One of my favorite other King's memories was when Olympus Mons did Circle
Jerks for the cover up years ago. And everyone was on the floor "playing"
like it was the pit. I remember Dave Meuller getting off the stage and
jumping into that crowd and, in total hardcore character, just knocking the
shit out of a few people. Will Erikson comes to mind, flailing across a
floor covered in beer and glass.

Oh, seeing DMBQ from Japan, just months before that horrible wreck, WOULD
absolutely be a highlight!!! That would be the best band I ever saw there.

Scott Phillips and Aimee Argot doing the Love Hangover in 2005 is another.
Greg and I couldn't believe we were in the a rock band with THAT GUY!

By Chris Dalton


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