Friday, March 02, 2007

Need Kings pics/rememberances

I'm planning a project to commemorate Kings closing in April and I need your help. Right now I plan for this to go on my personal blog, but there's a chance parts of it (the more tamer parts) could end up at

Please feel free to repost or pass this along to any Kings fans who aren't on myspace.

I'm looking for people to send in their favorite pictures from Kings. This can be pictures of bands, pictures of you and your friends hanging out, or pictures of the club itself. I'm going to make a Flickr set under my account and make all these pictures PUBLIC. That means, if you want to send a photos of yourself passed out in the ladies room, that's OK with me -- just know that everyone will see it.

Here's what I need with your pics:
* Photographer's name (I will not post anonymous pics)
* Who/what is in the picture (band names, etc.)
* Date it was taken (approximate is OK)
* A description of what's happening in the picture.

ALSO: I would like to collect "rememberances" from Kings regulars about the club. What will you miss most about it? Make sure you send your name (again, I will not post anonymous stories, though if you want to protect the names of the guilty in your stories, that's OK. I just need to know who the writer is).

Please send all this to I am hoping to get something online by late March, but I will keep updating it as long as people keep sending me stuff.


Karen Mann

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