Sunday, June 03, 2007

Big downtown concert -- club show later

Yesterday's big concert downtown was mostly a success. I probably would have stayed to see Hobex if it hadn't been raining. I really hate precipitation in all its forms. I know the farmers need it -- my garden certainly needs it -- but hate standing in it. the other downside is that I didn't take my camera because the last time I did, I was refused entry. But yesterday they didn't check my purse, and lots of people were snapping photos. If I find any photos from yesterday on Flickr, I will link to them.

Anyway, The Never were great. They have such lush, beautiful harmonies, and such broken-hearted songs. Big City Reverie is one of those bands that just isn't my thing, but I recognize that they're good, and really have a shot at becoming huge if they play their cards right. They remind me a lot of Train. A Rooster for the Masses was fun as always and worked the crowd expertly. Kudos to them for talking about Darfur in front of a crowd that was already half-drunk off of drinks that came in big, carved coconuts.

Later last night, I ended up at Slim's to catch Joe Swank & the Zen Pirates -- despite my original plan to see Viva La Venus at the Downtown Music Hall. I really intended to see both, but Joe was so good, I decided to stay at Slim's. The movie I got was from the first set, but their second set was actually much tighter. I think Alex got some footage of that, and I will bug him about it.

(Video removed)

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