Friday, September 17, 2004

Kung Flude Dudes Posted by Hello

Last night I experienced Kung Flude Dude, a fast hard-rock trio that reminded me a whole lot of the late Grande Prix -- Goofy lyrics, goofy costumes, crowd-participation stage antics, and cool, catchy music. According to the singer, the song "Knuckle Sandwich" is about his two favorite things -- eating and getting punched. He also said another song, "Here Come the Jerks," was "so damn good we had T-shirts made for it!" Indeed he and the drummer were wearing T-shirts with the slogan. Maybe the bass player thinks that song sucks.

Here they are doing karate kicks with particle board, which then ended up strewn all over kings. H-bomb got called onstage, and apparently got wacked over the head with another sheet of particle board, but I was looking down trying to figure out my damn camera phone when that happened. (Much like how I missed C.C. Deville planting a wet one on Jessica at last year's Poison concer because I'd gone to the other side of the stage to get a better view.)

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