Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Greatest Hits with Dirty Johnny and the Make Believes, Friday, Nov. 11, at Slim's in Raleigh.

Last night I saw The Greatest Hits again. I love their ragged pop harmonies more and more each time I see them. I'm listening to their new CD now, and will give a better review once I've got a better handle on it.

They opened for Athens, Ohio, band Dirty Johnny and the Make Believes, who put on a pretty crazy show that culminated in Johnny himself and the guitar player crashed out on the floor in front of the stage. I spent all night trying to figure out who that guitar player looked like. This morning while going through the photos I realized he is a dead ringer for Robbie Robertson, circa "Songs from Big Pink."

I'm sorry I'm not feeling very descriptive today. I'm kind of tired after going out three nights in a row, and I plan to just stay at home and do nothing tonight (or maybe I'll actually review the Greatest Hits and Black Taj CDs for you). For right now I'll let the pictures and movie do the talking.

I am excited about two things:

I finally got Quicktime Pro, which allows me to compress my little movies so that they're easier for you to download. This one, of the first two songs from The Greatest Hits' set last night, is in .mp4 format. Let me know if it's easier, harder or whatever.

(video removed)

Also, I'm going to actually start putting all my photos up on my flickr account and post the streams here.

Here's the photo set.

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