Thursday, December 01, 2005

Celtic Frost coming to Jaxx!!

Tickets go on sale today for Celtic Frost, who are playing for two nights at Jaxx in Virginia on Sept. 12 and 13, 2006. I'm going to get two tickets (Jessica, I assume you'll want the second one). While researching this, I also found out that Tom G. Warrior has a blog.

So, now I have to tell you the one and only funny Celtic Frost story I have. Back in the late '80s, when I was a student at ECU, my roommate, Christine, worked at a gyro place/bar called Omar's. Omar and his brother, Ali, were from Morocco.

Anyway, this was in the days before CD players (hard for some of you whippersnappers to imagine, I know), so Omar had a turntable, and patrons could bring in whatever records they wanted to play. Well, someone had brought in, and left, a copy of Celtic Frost's infamous "Cold Lake," the album that saw them trying to abandon their death metal roots for a more glam sound and image. Just take a look at this image of the back cover:

Not only is bass player Curt Victor Bryant wearing suspenders, his acid-washed pants are unbuttoned. Yes. That's Tom G. Warrior in the satin shirt and big hair.

At that point I had heard of, but never heard Celtic Frost. So, while hanging out in Omar's one day, I tried to put it on the turntable. Omar flipped out.

(Insert thick Moroccan accent here) "You cannot put that on the turntable," he hollared.

"But I want to know what it sounds like," I said.

"You want to know what it sound like???" he asked. "It sound like THAT!" He pointed squarely at Bryant's dick. And he was right, too. But I'm still going to see them at Jaxx.


Anonymous said...

haha, what a fuckin funny story. you must be such a hit with the ladiesor maybe your so called g-friend is as bland and boring and stupid as you are.

Karen A. Mann said...

Why, thank you! And, yes, I am quite a hit with the ladies.