Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My first Raleigh Bloggers meetup

Last night I went to my first Raleigh Bloggers Meetup at Cafe Cyclo. Had a great time talking to cool new people about podcasting, using Audacity, social networking sites and more. I also got links to several new blogs you should check out, including a new local music blog:
-- Specializing in roots rock,, deep blues and early soul. The blooger is local, but the music isn't. -- Personal blog of Josh Staiger. He also heads up the Meetup. -- A blog about interface design for Web developers -- Podcast on Web development Open source blog server -- Personal and professional blog. Ryan also runs Podcast Free America, which offers advice and information for podcasters of all skill levels.

I also got word today of another Raleigh-based music blog,, which, as you might expect, is devoted to Americana.

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Dave Johnson said...

Hi Karen. It was great meeting you (again) and I hope you'll come on back. Just a small correction: you linked to the project blog for the Roller software that I work on. My personal blog is Blogging Roller.