Thursday, February 22, 2007

Let Billy Sugarfix turn your poetry into song

Billy can explain this better than me. The only thing I can say is that some of our old Chew Toy lyrics would definitely win this contest!

Readers submit strange song lyrics, winners have their words set to
music and recorded free of charge.

February 23, 2007. Anyone and everyone is invited to submit their
weirdest words, in any form that could possibly be considered song
all-star panel of judges (Including Jad Fair of the seminal pre-punk
band Half Japanese) will then review the song poems, and five winners
will have their words set to music and recorded ( at no charge) by
Billy Sugarfix and Brian Risk,( the same team that wrote and produced
the It's Carrboro rap sensation). Each winning song will be posted on
the Surreal O'Rama blog, where readers will vote on an overall

Lyrics may be submitted any time before March 10. The judges will
then have a review period, and the first winning song will be posted
on March 20, 2007. Other winning songs will be posted twice a week
until April 10, at which time readers may cast votes for their
favorite song. The overall winner will be announced on April 21.

The premise of this contest is to re-create the song poem or "song
sharking" phenomenon of the 1970s in which magazine advertisements
called for poets to send in their words so that they could be
considered as material for potential hit song lyrics. Any submission
would be given a similar response stating that the lyrics were
acceptable, and that a recording could be made for a fee. Many people
saw through this thinly veiled scam and siezed the opportunity to
write down and submit the strangest things they could come up with.
The results were often hilarious and downright surreal.

The Surreal O'Rama ( ) is the blog
of Billy Sugarfix (known primarily for his work with the band Evil
Wiener). It originally was a showcase for his eccentric fiction but
has expanded to include a plethora of other dreamlike treats.
Unusual videos, links to various web oddities, and essentially
anything that is colorful and strange may find a home at the Surreal

The following is a list of the judges who will help select the winning songs.

Jad Fair
Whether you're talking Punk Rock, New Wave, Indie Rock, or
Alternative, Jad Fair either invented it, helped define it, or
pioneered it. Most famous for his work with the band Half Japanese,
Jad Fair is a brilliant songwriter, poet, and artist.

Seth Falkner
Seth, and his cohort Dave, host the extremely popular Urban Coffee
Podcast. Their witty insights on politics, technology, and music
have kept them consistently in the top ten at Podcast Alley.

Franklin Bruno
Franklin Bruno is a critically acclaimed songwriter who has worked
with the likes of Beck, Guided by Voices, and the Mountain Goats. In
addition, he also writes music criticism for The Village Voice, Time
Out New York, and

David Gutowski
David is the creator of the music/literature weblog Large Hearted
Boy. The blog is a pop culture powerhouse that features daily music
downloads and links to articles on all facets of independent music and
quality literature.

About the music writing team:

Billy Sugarfix is the guitarist/songwriter for the band Evil Wiener,
a band that has spawned three critically acclaimed cds and also
inspired a tribute album (I Can't Get that Evil Wiener Song out of my
Head, currently selling used for 40 dollars on He also
runs the custom song website ( ). Approximately one year ago, he and
his house mate Brain Risk wrote and recorded a rap song about their
home, Carrboro, NC. Simply titled "It's Carrboro" the song was a
local sensation receiving praise from thousands of Carrboro
residents present and past.



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You are so far beyond rocking that I don't know what to call it!!!!