Friday, April 06, 2007

Podcast: A Farewell to Kings

As I'm sure you're all aware, this weekend is the last for the Raleigh nightclub Kings, which is closing to make way for a parking lot across from the new convention center. Of course, they're going out in style with a series of shows from some of the club's most popular bands. Friday night's show begins right at 8:25, and includes local hardcore band Double Negative and yacht rockers TV Knife. Sunday's show, which happens at 4 pm, is by a band called Mommie, a kid's rock band with former Connells singer Doug MacMillan, Kings co-owner Ben Barwick, and Motorolla guitarist Bo Taylor, among others. This show really is for kids, but don't worry, the bar will be open too.

The big show of the weekend, though, is on Saturday, with Black Taj, Birds of Avalon, Dynamite Brothers, The Loners and more. Unfortunately, contrary to what the Kings Website says, The T's are not playing.

In honor of Kings' last weekend, I'm going to play a track by Black Taj called Octastone. Black Taj includes Kings co-owner Steve Popson, and his old Polvo bandmate Dave Brylawski. Then I'm going to play the song "Can I Ride," which was on the first Polvo double 45, recorded back in 1990.

Next up will be Birds of Avalon's "Bicentennial Baby." Birds of Avalon, who will have their CD-relase that night, includes another Kings co-owner, Paul Siler, and his wife Cheetie Kumar. Paul and Cheetie have been in several bands together, including Glamourpuss, which released a split-45 with the Patty Duke Syndrome back in 1994. I'm going to play "Sweet -n- Low" off that record. Enjoy, and I'll see you this weekend at the show.

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