Sunday, May 06, 2007

A small example of how much rock variety there is in the Triangle

Friday night was a perfect example of what's wonderful, and terrible about the music scene in the Triangle. Two great shows that I really wanted to see, but at the same time in different cities. Luckily the Burlytime Records showcase at 305 South in Durham was early, so I headed over there first, and caught Megafaun. I'm glad Grayson has started this label, because it's going to introduce me to a lot of stuff I'm not familiar with --like Megafaun.

According to the description on the Megafaun CD, the band moved to North Carolina in 2005 and was originally called DeYarmond Edison (not familiar with them). Now they're a three-piece, formed to "bridge their disparate loves of Appalachian sounds with avant improvisation." That's a good description, though I would have simply called them acoustic noise. Basically, you have some acoustic guitars, banjo, drums, gorgeous harmonies, a computer, a bunch of effects and boundless enthusiasm. Check out the crowd sing-a-long about midway through this 10-minute video I shot.

Megafaun from Mann's World on Vimeo.

After Megafaun I headed back to Raleigh to check out one of my favorite local bands, The T's, at Slim's. BTW, Slim's has started charging now, though it was only $3 to get in. The doorman said they were going to start paying the bands, which is certainly worth $3 on my part.

Anyway, I wasn't expecting Abe Quinn's new band, Man Will Destroy Himself, which is just the sort of brutal, throat-shredding metal I love. A great palate-cleanser before jumping into The T's. Check out this video.

Man Will Destroy Himself from Mann's World on Vimeo.

And, finally, there was The T's, whom I've said quite a bit about already. I understand the band was interviewed by The Village Idiot before the show, so check that out when it's released. Unfortunately the memory on my camera ran out before this song was over, but I still managed to get most of it.

The T's from Mann's World on Vimeo.

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