Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Neu Neu Romance

Message from Chico:

After 10 long months of hibernation Neu Romance is once again open for pleasure. Every Sunday night for 3 1/2 years the DJ's, bands, bartenders, and bar-dancers spiced up downtown Raleigh with their own unique collection of music, food, and revelry. Kings Barcade, the original home of the weekly show, is gone (for now), and Neu Romance has been quietly looking for a new home ever since. Starting this Sunday (July 22nd) Tir Na Nog Irish Pub will be that home. A surprising choice to some, but a perfect fit for others, this downtown Raleigh landmark provides a wonderful opportunity to once again celebrate diversity and inclusivity through music and food, and through the making of new friends and the reuniting of old ones. Kings was special, and will always hold a sacred part in the hearts and minds of the Neu Romance faithful. Tir Na Nog will be the next chapter, and within it will be born new adventures, new memories, and new loves. As always New Romance is free, with the exception of special events. Madcow, Castro, Drew Diggle, Le Bag, Kiko, Mark T., Krazerock, Esotic, Cut-Less, and all the old school favorites will be regular residents on these upcoming Sundays. "Yo's Jams IV" is already scheduled, and "Pink Beats VI" is in the works. Also there will be free food at the Irish pub after their kitchen closes at 10pm, as well as drinks specials just for Sunday. It will probably feel a little odd at first, but don't forget that in the beginning of Neu Romance @ Kings there was hardly anyone there at all. The proof is in the eating of the pudding, they say. And I say, "Let's eat!"

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