Monday, August 20, 2007

Give the Hideaway some feedback

The owners of the Hideaway have started a Myspace page asking for feedback on their service, food, etc. It looks like you have to be their friend to comment, but I suppose you can just send a message. Here's what they want to know:

Hello and welcome to the Hideaway BBQ survey page. We welcome any concerns or comments you have about the Hideaway. We are trying to improve the Hideaway and we need your help. Please don’t be shy, say whatever you want, you won’t offend us. We really need some feed back from you. Do you still come to the Hideaway? What do you like/dislike about the food? Do you like the music? How do you feel about the price of shows? How do you like the staff? If you have stopped coming to the Hideaway could you tell us why and what we can do to get you back in here? Please be honest in helping us to improve the Hideaway. We have some new and exciting things happening here and we need your help to make the Hideaway, your HIDEAWAY!! Thank you for your time…………

OK, here's what I plan to tell them:
1. Bring back the mac & cheese
2. Hire a better waitstaff, or train the staff you have to be quicker, friendlier and more knowledgeable about what you have on the menu. This one pains me to say because I've been a waitress, and I know it's a difficult job, but I can honestly say I've never had good service at the Hideaway (the bartenders are great, however).
3. Have a late-night menu available during shows.
4. Consider dropping prices for weekday shows. Every time I go there for a show, I feel like I'm spending about $3-$5 more than the show is worth.

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Anonymous said...

Been to that place a few times with a few friends. Is it still open? We haven't been back but I was not impressed. The food was awful and the music sounded bad. The musician was someone we had not heard of but figured we would stay and listen. He was good but it was boring so we left. It was a weeknight so maybe that is why it was so dead but we could see fine from the bar with only a few people around. We decided to give it another shot because my friends boyfriend new the band playing. The food was awful again and very greasy. It’s just not impressive for a town full of great BBQ. We also noticed that the ticket prices were too high again and this particular act played in Charlotte on the same tour for a good 5 dollars less. I felt I had over paid but my friend wanted to go so I did. We gave then another shot and bought over priced tickets but this time it was ahead of time and we didn't even stay for more than 6 songs because it was too crowded to see and the lighting was awful. So my feedback is:

1)Too expensive
2)Terrible food
3)Terrible atmosphere for music
4)Don't let in more people than they you can hold.
5)Hard to see anything unless you are right up front.
6) Bad smell

I'm not going back no matter what my friends say but they haven't wanted to in so long that I assumed it was closed. I saw a few shows there and each one was worse than the last. Just not a good place for music plus I already have so many choices in the Triangle so there is no need to spend 20 bucks there just to walk in the door. We like to have money left over for a beer or two. I think there are enough good places for food and enough for music. I don’t see either happening for them.. It's just a small Longbranch that smells bad. The place just doesn't seem needed.