Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Glam rock, honky-tonk punk and a Theramin

Birds of Avalon by

By now it's no secret that Birds of Avalon will be at Slim's tomorrow night. But while I certainly enjoy BOA, the band I'm really looking forward to is Sir Arthur & the Royal Knights, which from what I understand is essentially Greatest Hits sans Jeramy, plus some other guy. Sorry, Michele told me who the other guy was, but it was while she was giving me a massage, so it kind of went in one ear and out the other. I do remember her telling me they sound like the Kinks, so check it out.

Around the block at Tir na nOg tomorrow night, there's a free show by The Bleeding Hearts, all of whom usually hang out at Slim's, so this is a little confusing. Joe and Sam from The Bleeding Hearts will also be interviewed tomorrow at 4 p.m. on WKNC.

Friday's can't-miss show certainly has to be John Doe at The Hideaway. I really don't believe there's anything I can say about Mr. Doe that hasn't already been said.

The bad thing is that it's on the same night as another really awesome event, Science Fiction Music at the Museum of Natural Sciences, which will include a "Musical Display from the Moog Foundation who will be bringing several different synthesizers and Theremins for visitors to experiment with" (!!!!!!!!!) and a showing of "Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey." I've seen the Theremin movie before, and it's truly heartbreaking and fascinating. The Theremin experimentation begins at 6 p.m., and the movie begins at 7.

Since the Hideaway usually has their acts play two sets, you actually might be able to see the movie and catch John Doe. Or, if you want to skip the Theremin event, you can still go to the Wild Music Festival, also at the Museum of Natural Sciences, the following day. The Moog Foundation, and many other musicians and groups, will be there too, and that event is free.

In honor of the Theremin, here's a video of one of the most well-known Theremin songs of all time, though, oddly, this version doesn't seem to have much Theremin in it. In fact, I'm not even sure Jimmy's even playing the Theremin here. I do know that Robert Plant was only 20 when this was filmed, which is amazing enough on its own.


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