Monday, August 06, 2007

"Pneumonia" at the Carolina Rollergirls benefit

OK, so my intention was to go to the Carolina Rollergirls benefit yesterday at Sadlack's and FINALLY get some footage of The Cartridge Family. But as it turned out, their bass player, C.J., was out of commission with a combination appendicitis and pneumonia. My mother had to have an emergency appendectomy last year, and all I have to say about that is, it really, really, really sucked. Not my most eloquent description, but to the point. Mom would agree.

Anyway, pianist Greg Rice took over the bass playing duties for the show, and after one practice earlier that day, they were good to go, and performed under the name "Pneumonia." Greg claims he's never played bass before, which I just don't believe. Surely, during his years as a musician, he's picked up a bass somewhere and jammed with someone. If not, then he's got a mighty impressive knack for it. What he can't do, though, is compete with Joe's rock face in this second photo. In fact it even looks like Greg is turned away in shame, knowing he can't feel the rock the way Joe is doing right here:

I should note that this video is particularly strange because I just couldn't find a good spot. When I stood near Joe, the light was in my eyes. When I walked over near Greg, some dude started juggling beside me, which freaked me out. So enjoy the perspective on this one; it's like being everywhere at once.

(Video removed)

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