Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mann's World around the world!

(Videos removed)

During my recent trip to Europe, I decided to document a couple of the shows I saw over there. First up are two clips from a show on Friday, Sept. 7, at Roadrunner's Paradise, my favorite club in Berlin.

The first clip is from an English band called Steranko, whose frontman looked like a punk rock Borat and had a penchant for running around the club wildly. We spoke to him afterward, and he was actually a really nice, cool guy.

Next up was Poolstar from Berlin, who reminded me of Green Day, and whose members all wore matching white shirts and ties.

Finally, the next Friday, Sept. 14, we saw a French band called the Naive New Beaters at The Rock Cafe in Prague. They were sort of electro-pop with hip-hop tendencies, and a decidedly 1980s sense of style. Seriously, I haven't seen so many raglan-sleeved sweaters in one place since high school. I don't know how popular they actually are in Czech Republic, but there was actually a TV crew there to film them.

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