Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sarah Borges rocks

I wouldn't have thought good honky tonk could come from Boston, but Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles proved me wrong last night. She's a pint-sized girl with a big voice, and a phenomenal backing band, including a guitarist with an incredibly natural feel for his instrument. Check out the video. This is the first song they played last night at the Hideaway.

(Video removed)

Coming up on Sunday at the Hideaway is North Carolinian Jim Lauderdale, who, I was told last night, is from Beaufort. But when I checked that online today, I see that he's from Statesville. Maybe I'll get to chat with him on Sunday and find out the scoop. Following Jim (it's an early show), The Makes Nice and Sir Arthur and His Royal Knights will be at Slim's. The Makes Nice include a former member of The Champs, but my understanding is that they're much more pop-oriented than that band.


Alex said...

Beaufort exists somewhere in his bio, I'm certain. Family there, perhaps.

Cangrejero said...

The Sarah Borges show was awesome, but I think the opening act broke some UN Resolutions by playing for nearly 90 minutes.