Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Goner tomorrow night, plus a download!

I must apologize in advance because even though I've been driving around listening to an advance copy of Goner's "Rock 'n' Roll Always Forgets," I didn't bother to try and upload it to my computer until just now. That's when I realized that the song titles aren't listed in the track information, so I have no idea of the name of the song listed here. It's the first one on the CD. I have an e-mail out to Chris Dalton, so maybe he'll get back with me soon about the title, and I'll pass it on to you. they apparently have another download available at the Indy's site, so if you like this song, you might like that one as well.

Goner is playing tomorrow night (Thursday) as part of the local band, local brew night at Tir na nOg. The show is free, and you get samples of Big Boss brew. Plus, The T's are opening. Advance warning: The T's are going to have their CD-release at Slim's with The Lonely H, who were seriously one of the most amazing bands I saw last year. That show is Feb. 8.

A couple of other cool shows I'm going to try and go to this week:

  • The Loners, Wednesday, Jan. 16, at White Collar Crime (free!) with Russ DeSena's new band Rocket Cottage.

  • Megafaun, this Saturday, Jan. 12, at Bull City Headquarters. I haven't been to Bull City HQ yet, so I'm really going to try and make it out for this one.

    Now, here's that Goner song.

    UPDATE: this song is called "Better than Blue"

    Download it here

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