Friday, January 25, 2008

Great 8 showcase of sorts this Saturday!

In last night's response to the Indy article, I totally forgot to mention that three of the 2008 Great 8 bands (Megafaun, Red Collar and I Was Totally Destroying It) are playing this Saturday at Local 506. Actually, I mentioned it last week, but at the time couldn't reveal that it was a Great 8 show. So, go to this show. I highly recommend all three bands. It's my weekend to be on-call at work, so I will, sadly, not be going. That's too bad, because I still haven't seen Red Collar and would have liked to have checked them out.

If you're in Raleigh tonight, you should also check out Sir Arthur & the Royal Knights with Grass Widow at Slim's. I had originally planned to be out for this one, but will likely stay home tonight too.

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