Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Eve roundup

Despite plans to go see SCOTS at the Hideaway, I ended up at First Night. Now that the Hideaway's closing, I feel kind of bad, though I doubt my $25 would have really made a difference in their finances! I kind of had to have my arm twisted to go to First Night, because every other time I've gone, it's been kind of lame. You pay way too much to go, it's all family oriented, and there's no booze. I'm not sure if we did something wrong (or right as the case may be), but no one checked to see if we were wearing a button as we walked through the crowd. Unfortunately they did check us when we tried to get up close to see Tift Merritt, which is why this video was shot from WAAAY in the back of the crowd. So, here you go. For hardcore Tift fans only!

(Video removed)

If it makes you feel any better, this person got right up front and created this medley of the show.

Eventually we found our way to Slim's where Brite Boy (pictured above) was playing. I got footage of their first song, which turned out to be my least favorite one. Oh well. A good excuse to see them again. I really liked them more and more as the set went on. You can't really see it, but the bass player was wearing gigantic headphones, which was appropriate because this band is LOUD.

(Video removed)

While at Slim's I lost one of my earrings (at least I think it was at slim's). If you find a dangling earring shaped like a star with "diamonds" on it, please give it back to me and I will buy you a PBR.

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