Friday, January 25, 2008

Now, here's my Great 8!

Hopefully by now you have had a chance to check out The News & Observer's Great 8 package.I think David put together a nice selection of artists, but since our musical tastes are significantly different, I have my own personal list of Great 8 bands. I would, however, like to thank David for introducing me (musically, that is) to Small World. I don't have a multimedia package to go with my list, but I have provided links to Web sites and Myspace sites. I hope you check them all out, and please feel free to leave your own personal lists in the comments section. This is in no particular order.

Megafaun: David and I agree that this Raleigh freak-folk group is creating some of the most original, compelling music in the Triangle right now. Their live shows can take on the feel of a jam-rock tent revival. Check out the footage in the Great 8 package to see first hand what I'm talking about. Check out "Lazy Suicide." And go see them tonight at Local 506.

The T's
The T's: I've hyped The T's so much that people are starting to give me crap about it. I still believe they're the best, most exciting straight-up rock band in the area. This can be their year to break out of the Triangle if that's what they want to do. Check out "The Police." Don't miss their CD-release party on Feb. 8 at Slim's.

Double Negative
Double Negative: This is serious old-school hardcore done by guys who remember it from the beginning and know how it should be done. Check out their CD, "The Wonderful And Frightening World of Double Negative" on No Way Records. Check out "Stop Growing." Next local show is March 7 at Downtown Event Center with RTX.

Richard Bacchus Photo by Mike Spence
Richard Bacchus & the Luckiest Girls: Former D Generation guitarist Richard Bacchus truly is the local king of sleazy, boozy, gutter-punk. Check out "Terrible Love," my current favorite song. Video shoot at Slim's on Feb. 3. He'll be touring in Europe throughout March, but should be playing locally after that.

The Ex-Members: This Durham electro dance-punk trio grew from the ashes of The Butchies and Gerty -- one of the most underrated bands ever to come from this area. Check out "Big Black Goodbye," and check them out next Saturday, Feb. 2, at Nightlight in Chapel Hill.

Goner by Jenn Love
Goner: Another group that grew out of an underrated band (in this case, Boy Wonder Jinx), Goner makes angsty keyboard rock that actually does rock while it breaks your heart. And Scott Phillips is a Big Country fanatic, which I think is really cool. No local shows listed.

FKON by Bill Schimpf
Future Kings of Nowhere: Incredibly catchy, high-energy, electro-acoustic, brainy pop that's like an updated Violent Femmes. Check out "I'm Still Waiting," and check them out this Friday, Feb. 1, at the WKNC benefit at The Pour House.

The Moaners, by Reakcija
The Moaners: Trailer Bride bandleader Melissa Swingle's current band is a swampy and loopy as her previous band, but with the addition of drummer Laura Terry (who was also in Gerty), this one rocks HARD. Check out "Terrier." No upcoming local dates.

Honorable Mention:

Red Collar: I really like what I've heard of this band, but since I haven't actually seen them live, I don't feel right about putting them on my list. They have some great footage on the Great 8 multimedia.

Midtown Dickens: Sometimes a little too maddeningly precious, but also sometimes take-your-breath-away gorgeous.

Man Will Destroy Himself: The latest incarnation of a long-running hardcore band. I never saw them back in the day, but I like what I'm hearing now.

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