Thursday, February 14, 2008

Check out the Raleigh Blogs Town Hall meetup

Several local bloggers will be part of an online meet-up tomorrow courtesy of NBC 17. The meet-up will be stream live during lunch and will feature the following bloggers:

Green Habits for Raleigh -
Raleigh Connoisseur -
Good Night Raleigh -
North Hills Buzz -
New Raleigh Blog -
Ginny from the Blog -
Raleigh Native Review -

Wayne Sutton, NBC17 Community Content Manager and Local Conversations blogger, will be one of the facilitators.

Here is the agenda, according to Wayne:
Some general Q&A about Raleigh, blogging, why blog about Raleigh,
direction of blogging, news/idea resources
everyone can ask each other questions. (Open discussion)

If you're interested in new media or Raleigh blogs at all, I suggest you check this out!

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