Friday, February 08, 2008

The T's CD-release party tonight!

Photo by Raymond Goodman

OK, I know I've fallen down on the job -- and on the show I've been most looking forward to all year. I've been out of town with limited Internet access. Anyway. The T's are having their CD-release party tonight at Slim's, and you should go. You should go and buy their CD because it's really good (full, thought-out review to come later), and does an impressive job of capturing their live energy. Also on this bill are The Lonely H, the young (under-21) classic rock group from Port Angeles, Washington, who are musically wise beyond their years.

I have .mp3s from both bands, but no server access from the beach. When I return this evening, I'll post them for you to check out.

UPDATE: Here's music by The T's ("Goin' Nowhere" -- my favorite song on the CD) and The Lonely H ("For Barbara").

Download "Goin' Nowhere" by The T's here

Download "For Barbara" by The Lonely H here

See the video for Lonely H's song "Hair".

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