Monday, March 24, 2008

Catching up: Jason Isbell to Fu Manchu

(Videos removed from this post)

I didn't go out Saturday night, but did manage to bookend my weekend with two very different, but equally spectacular shows.

Friday night's big show was former Drive-By Truckers guitarist Jason Isbell, doing a an acoustic set with one other guitarist, at The Berkeley. The Berkeley is one of those places that I don't go to very often, and every time I do, I think, "why don't I come here more often?" If sluts love the Berkeley, as evidenced by the ladies room graffiti (see above), then maybe I should too.

Anyway, Jason put on a fabulous show, and I got some fairly descent footage of The Magician, which is off of his solo CD. Check it out below. The guitarist from American Aquarium opened with a solo set, and I have to say, his stuff kind of got me down. He acknowledged as much during his onstage banter, so I guess saying that isn't really an insult.

Jason played two sets, but I took off after the first one because I'd been told that Brooklyn's Teenage Prayers, who were playing down at Slim's, were not to be missed. They were pretty good indeed, but I liked the band who opened for them, Hymns, also from Brooklyn, more. They sounded a bit like The Strokes, but the same shaggy bluesy hippie feel of another New York band called Vietnam. Plus, they had a foxy bass player. That'll make any fairly good band great in my opinion.

Easter Sunday, March 23

Sunday was all about Fu Manchu, who blistered my (and every one else's) ears at Volume 11. They played most of my favorites, including teasing us with the opening of "Freedom of Choice." I got two and a half videos (memory ran out during "Hell on Wheels"). I also nearly lost my camera during "Squash that Fly" because the crowd erupted into absolute chaos. So, unfortunately, during most of these videos you get a great view of the two dorks who were thrashing around in front of me.

Opening were ASG from Wilmington, who reminded me a lot of The Sword, and Burning Brides from San Diego. I particularly liked Burning Brides, though it seemed the folks I was hanging out with weren't that into them.

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