Thursday, April 24, 2008

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of U2's War tour

OK, I know you're thinking, "what the hell does U2 have to do with local music?" Well, it turns out that U2 kicked off its US tour for the War album in Chapel Hill. Now, I knew that they played Chapel Hill -- and supposedly ate at Bullock's Barbecue after the show -- but I never realized that was the first show of the tour. DD, who was a DJ at the Wake Forest student station at the time and who is on myspace and facebook under Deaconlight, managed to interview Bono and The Edge, and has created a Web site commemorating the event. . Check out the photos, the audio of the interviews and the station IDs!

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Deaconlight said...

Thanks for the plug, Karen. I've been linking up with people who were at that show. At some point in June we're gonna have a pow wow on my radio show. (I also have a guest on board who was at the Red Rocks show.)

One small correction: I was working for a commercial station - WKZL - when I interviewed Bono and Edge. I found it rather amusing how Bono got the call letters confused!

- ddt