Friday, April 04, 2008

Suburban Sweethearts playing EARLY tomorrow morning

Just got this bulletin from Suburban Sweethearts. Apparently they're going to play around 9 a.m. Keep that in mind when you see Joe Yerry and Erik Sugg out at Slim's tonight. I'm sure they'll all be responsible and go home early and sober.

Message from Suburban Sweethearts:
If any of you early morning runners are up bright and early for Saturday's Raleigh Rocks Marathon, the Suburban Sweethearts will be playing the main "finish line" stage on Fayetteville Street around 9:00 AM-ish w/ Seven Mary Three.

If that show's too early for you, you can catch us here:

April 18th @ Sadlacks on Hillsborough Street with the T's

May 3rd @ Slim's for Abe's b-day bash...

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