Monday, April 21, 2008

Valient artwork

Just got this message from Valient Himself:

so, in eight days i'm giving one of my kidneys to my Earth father. To
make a long story short, the band took these 2 months off, and i have
new insurance bills and other assorted things to pay for, and i'm
coming up short.

BUT, i came up with a 2 part idea.

#1, this week i'll post up a link to some images of some paintings of
mine that i wanna auction off... so if your interested in that, hit me
#2, if you would like a line drawing portrait of yourself or whoever
done by me, ill do it for $29 bucks. That's right, Valient Himself
will draw you, however you want, in pen or sharpie on white paper for
the low low price of $29 dollars. (tryin to net 25 out of it, the
extra 4 is for postage.) Just send the picture and communicate with me
on here and ill be able to knock this out for ya, asap. Ill tell ya
where to send the loot if you are interested.

very cool,
any other ideas, im game... and the sooner the better, as ill be
feeling pretty shitty in a few days for a few weeks... so...
keep rocking, and if i dont talk to ya before hand,
i really and truely believe that rocknroll can save the world.

i love u all (just in case the shit goes down)
valient himself

repost to buddies who may be interested!!


Roberto Cofresí said...

And how do we contact Mr. Himself for a line drawing?


Karen A. Mann said...

Sorry! You should contact him via the band's myspace:

Anonymous said...

Really like the new format of the blog. Thank you for including me/us-Monty