Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yes, it's possible to put 15 people on stage at Slim's

Dark Meat, a big bus-riding, multi-instrumental collective from Athens, Ga., proved that last night by squeezing themselves on and around the stage, and running rampantly through the tightly packed crowd at Slim's. There were two guitarists, a bass player, two drummers playing full sets, some trumpeters, a violin player, a piccolo player (not sure what one of those would be called), a girl with an incredibly high voice, and one multi-purpose percussionist, all playing this super-happy shamanistic garage rock. Check out the video.

Next up were Monotonix, three crazy-looking guys from Tel Aviv, Israel, who play crazy, heavy rock, and basically ran around tearing stuff up and trying to hurt themselves. The show began with the singer jumping off the banister right in front of me (you should be able to see that on the video) and ended with them all set up -- including the drummer -- on the bar. Imagine the Jesus Lizard if everyone in the band had been as wild as David Yow.


I particularly like this picture because it shows Mikey Ross desperately trying to maintain a sense of normalcy and keep selling beer as the singer tries to get girls in the audience to fellate his mic.


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