Thursday, June 05, 2008

DuoFest updates

Eleni posted this in a comment below, but I wanted to make it more visible. Here's the final DuoFest lineup:

Thanks for posting Karen! Here is the final lineup, which changed a bit from the original email, as well as the times:

3:00--2013 Wolves
3:30— Horned Goat Cookie Party
4:00—All Your Science
4:30— Manblossom
5:00-- Resist Not! (NOTE: Another change here: will be Ward and Dan Streib; Shayne will be out of town)
5:30—Sawteeth McTweedy
6:00— The Scientific Superstar
7:00--***DINNER BREAK!***
8:00— Fortress of Swatches
8:30-- Beloved Binge
9:00— The Saint Peter Pocket Veto
9:30—The Whole World Laughing
11:00—Apis Bull
11:30—Jews & Catholics
12:00-- Opening Flower Happy Bird
12:30—Curtains of Night



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