Monday, June 30, 2008

Videos from The Lonely H and Sikamor Rooney!

I've decided that rain is the worst thing that could happen to a band playing in Raleigh. Seriously, Raleigh rockers will brave snow, sleet or just freezing cold, but if it rains, they stay the hell home.

This fact of life was not good for either The Lonely H or Sikamor Rooney, both of whom soldiered on through great sets to a sparse crowd at Slim's on a Sunday night. The first time I saw The Lonely H, I thought they were amazing. The second time, I thought they were struggling to make up for the loss of their second guitarist. Last night, they were back to amazing. It's too bad only a few of us saw them. Here's Video of "The Meal":

The Lonely H from Mann's World on Vimeo.

New York's Sikamor Rooney probably appreciated the low-key vibe because they played sitting down, due to some sort of exhaustion from the night before. I think it worked for them. Check out the video for "I'll Level with You."

See more photos here!

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