Monday, July 14, 2008

Blog for updates on Cy Rawls

I hesitated to post about Cy Rawls because I wasn't sure exactly how public the information was. If you go to shows or know anything about music in the Triangle, you likely know uber-fan Cy. He nearly died this weekend when he suffered a seizure as doctors were prepping him for surgery to remove a rapidly growing brain tumor. His friend Kerry Cantwell has started a blog for his friends to keep up with developments.

My thoughts are with Cy and his friends and family, and I hope to see him out rockin' again soon.

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Kerry Cantwell said...

Thanks for posting this, Karen. Cy is really happy to hear from all the people who are rooting for him. It really seems to be boosting his spirits.

We all know that no one is anywhere near as strong, healthy, and fit as Cy. He'll kick this thing!