Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tonight in Raleigh: Two things for you to do

First off, there's the Dirty Little Heaters and Suburban Sweethearts at Slim's. This is a benefit for Cy, and is also an EARLY show. So don't stroll in at 11:30 and get mad because you've missed most of the show. You've been warned.

From Suburban Sweethearts:
I know it's a Sunday night and all, but that's all the more reason to squeeze one more rockin' evening into your weekend...

Tonight we'll be playing with the fantastic Dirty Little Heaters, and we'll also have donations for Cy Rawls and selling "I Heart Cy" shirts. All of this money goes directly to Cy and his family....

This is an EARLY show!! The Dirty Little Heaters will be starting at 9:30 sharp!

C'mon out, childrens!! Let's have some good times and show some love for Cy...

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The second thing is Man Will Destroy Himself and Richard Bacchus at White Collar Crime. Somehow, the idea of MWDH playing White Collar Crime really tickles me. This show is FREE and starts at 10 p.m.! I suggest you do the downtown stumble and walk back and forth between shows.

From MWDH:

21+ only, but yep, it's free. you can't beat that.


Anonymous said...

where do u get these shirts from? and how much?

Karen A. Mann said...

Hey there! I'm not sure if the T-shirts are still available, but the original info about them was published here: