Saturday, November 08, 2008

Videos from Hold Steady and Drive By Truckers

From Lincoln Theatre, Monday, Nov. 3. This was my second time seeing Hold Steady, and I thought they put on a great show. The sold-out crowd was very pumped up and excited, mostly, I think because the election was the following day. I have nothing scientific to base that on. It's just that I've been to a lot of shows where people were incredibly excited to see the band -- usually a band that was reforming -- and this was quite a bit different. People were happy at this show, and not just because they were seeing two bands they love.

Regardless of how excited folks were, it did seem like a good part of the crowd left after The Hold Steady, and the DBTs fans were a little more subdued than I've seen in previous shows. Yesterday I was talking with a co-worker who has seen them many, many times, and he said he thought the Truckers work better when they have a set amount of time in which to play. If they only have, say, an hour in which to play, they're going to be tighter and better. I've never seen them open for anyone, so I can't say whether or not that's true. I just know that on Monday my tolerance for their tendency to play forever was severely diminished. We ended up leaving, totally exhausted, not long into the encore.


Ginny said...

Thanks so much for these videos. I really wanted to go to this show, but it was the night before the election ... and I knew election day was going to be crazy at work. I should have gone though. Watching your Hold Steady video really just makes me mad at myself. Thanks for posting it though. I won't make this mistake again.

Jason/North Hills Buzz said...

I thought both bands were excellent. I love that DBT often plays for 2-3 hrs and doesn't have a set time, but like you, I've never seen them open in any of their 3 shows I've been to, so don't have anything to compare. But they rocked as usual!