Thursday, December 11, 2008

Opening in January: The Remedy

There's lots of excitement brewing over The Remedy, a new restaurant by Double Negative guitarist Scott Williams and his girlfriend, Angie Holder, that's scheduled to open in the old Roly Poly spot near The Landmark in Raleigh.

According to Angie, the restaurant should open in January, and the menu will consist mostly of sandwiches, including 10 veggie and 10 non-veggie. Originally the restaurant was to be a diner, but the city wanted them to vent the hood through the roof, which would have cost an extra $40k. As for bands, that's something the couple would love to do eventually.

"We would love to have bands, but it is teeny-tiny in there! It only seats about 30 people (and that includes the barstools). I'm sure that if we can figure out a way to do it, we will eventually," she told me. Holder and Williams have rented an empty lot behind the building and hope to turn that into a big patio.

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