Thursday, December 25, 2008

This week's cool shows: Christmas edition!

(Colossus, photo by Betsy Harris)


Thursday, Dec. 25: Terry Anderson's 9th Annual Christmas Throwdown, The Pour House


Saturday, Dec. 27: Colossus with Hellrazor, Slim's Colossus is a must-see for Judas Priest fans. Hellrazor describes themselves as "breakneck heavy metal" on their myspace page, and that pretty much describes the music I've heard by them.

Saturday, Dec. 27: Taradactyl, the Brewery
Taradactyl are an Emerald Isle synth-metal group that wears Mexican wrestling masks on stage.

Saturday, Dec. 27: Monty Warren & the Friggin' Whatevers with Black River and Crap Rock All-Stars, The Pour House
Despite their name, Greensboro's indie-popsters Crap Rock All-Stars are actually pretty damn good.


Wednesday, Dec. 31: Urban Sophisticates, The Pour House Check out the footage my former colleague Rob Roberts got of Urban Sophisticates a couple of years ago.

Wednesday, Dec. 31: Unknown Hinson with Rebel Son, Lincoln Theatre
Unknown Hinson is known mostly for his Squidbillies character and his crazy Nudie-suit vampire look, but he is also a phenomenal guitarist and a class-A songwriter. I'm still not sure how much of Rebel Son's "South will rise again" blue-collar-man-been-put-down schtick is real and how much is a joke. They're a good band, but they often leave me wishing they'd just shut up and play.

Wednesday, Dec. 31: Volume 11 4th Annual New Year's Eve Bash featuring Slugnut's 1996 lineup, Volume 11
Long-running local thrash band.

Wednesday, Dec. 31: DJ Sleazy McQueen with The Wusses, The Pinhook
According to The Pinhook's Website, The Wusses are comprised of Dave Cantwell, Dave/ Torch Marauder dude, James Hepler, etc.

Wednesday, Dec. 31: Kerbloki, Red Collar, Hammer No More the Fingers, Local 506

Thursday, Jan. 1: Jason Webley with Billy Sugarfix Local 506
Nurse your splitting head with some sweet tunes by Billy sugarfix.

Friday, Jan. 2: Hellrazor, Volume 11

Saturday, Jan. 3: N.C. Winter Metal Fest, Lincoln Theatre
Featuring Praetorius, Here Lies..., Twisted Tower Dire, Dead Tomorrow, Lunger, Killing Avarice, Worst Than Birth, Hold Back the Day, IV Chambers Broken

Sunday, Jan. 4: Pompeii with Polynya Local 506


Thursday, Jan. 8: The Ex-Monkeys with Sonic Death Rabbit The Pour House
the Ex-Monkeys are Ian and Eddie from Friend Side Monkey. I know almost nothing about Sonic Death Rabbit, but judging from their myspace, they're a Charlotte-Los Angeles duo that likes to dress up in costumes and make really funny, catchy music with Game Boys. This one will definitely be worth checking out.

Thursday, Jan. 8: Pink Flag with Death to Details and Extacy the Flower, the Pinhook

Friday, Jan. 9: Hellrazor with Thunderlip Local 506

Wednesday, Jan. 14: Secondhand Freespace meet the producers Local 506
Panel discussion on music production with Mitch Easter, Chris Stamey, Rick Miller, Ivan Howard, and moderator Jim Brantley.
Event Facebook page

Wednesday, Jan. 14: The Bleeding Hearts, The Pour House
This will be the first show in quite a while for Raleigh's angsty, high-school-reliving rockers.

Friday, Jan. 9: North Elementary CD-release party, Cat's Cradle With guests Kingsbury Manx, Erie Choir and Popular Kids (stand-up comedy)

Wednesday, Jan. 14: Viva La Venus, Lactose Quervo and HOW, The Pour House

Friday, Jan 16: Transportation, Slim's I have, until now, not been aware of Transportation, but when I googled them, I found reviews by esteemed local critics David Menconi, Ross Grady and Grayson Currin. Apparently they're a soft-ish pop group from Chapel Hill, with a CD out on Demonbeach. CORRECTION: This CD is on Fractured Discs.

Friday, Jan 16: Colossus with Freedomhawk, The Reservoir

Saturday, Jan. 17: Kicking Grass with The WhistlestopThe Pour House
The Whistlestop is a must-see alt-country-gospel supergroup with amazing harmonies and thoughtful songs. And I'm serious about the gospel part. They don't preach, but neither do they shy away from their beliefs. If you don't want to hear about Jesus, this show might not be for you. Kicking Grass is exactly what their name implies: high-energy bluegrass.

Jan 21: Vic Chesnutt, Local 506

Friday, Jan. 23: Viper with Taradactyl, Dive Bar
Old-school metal from some pretty young guys. Taradactyl are an Emerald Isle synth-metal group that wears Mexican wrestling masks on stage.

Saturday, Jan. 23: The Rosebuds, with Megafaun and the Love Language, Cat's Cradle
The Rosebuds and Megafaun you know about. The Love Language is a Rosebuds-ish/Arcade Fire-ish Raleigh band who have a CD out on Matt Brown's (former Ashley Stove) label, Bladen County Records.

Friday, Jan. 23: Lutie and Andy's birthday bash with The T's, The Names and Static MindsSlim's
T's bass player Lutie Cain and guitarist Andy Kerr apparently share the same birthday (or at least have birthdays close together), so they're going to celebrate with Static Minds (the newest incarnation of Suburban Sweethearts, with Andy now on guitar) and Ohio Knack/Plimsouls lovers The Names.

Saturday, Jan. 24: Shipwrecker with Erie Choir, the Pinhook

Thursday, Jan. 29: Lollipop Factory, The Virgo 9, Animal, The Reservoir

Saturday, Jan. 31: The Annuals, Cat's Cradle

Friday and Saturday, Jan. 30 and 31: Raleigh Undercover, Tir na Nog
Your favorite Raleigh bands pay tribute to influences, serious and otherwise, in this two-day festival.

Friday, Jan. 30: Schooner with Kingsbury Manx, the Pinhook
Also on this bill, from The Pinhook's Web site: DJ dance party til the end of the night (we'll be bringing a bunch of lights and smoke machine and fun stuff to get the dance party vibe right!)

Friday, Jan. 30: The Dry Heathens with The Loners and The Homewreckers, the Pinhook

Friday, Feb. 28: North Elementary CD-release party with The Whalewatchers and Sir Arthur & the Royal Knights, The Pour House

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