Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This week's cool shows: Here Lies and Goner!


Wednesday, Dec. 3: O'Death with Megafaun and Prayers and Tears (Perry solo), Local 506
Megafaun just keeps getting more and more press, so you might want to take advantage of seeing them while they're still in the clubs. I saw Prayers and Tears back in January, so this might give you some indication of how Perry's solo show will sound.

Wednesday, Dec. 3: The T's, The Bassment
Free show! According to a bulletin sent out a few days ago, Red Bull is sponsoring this show in order to expose The T's to a new audience. It might end up exposing some of their hard-core downtown fans to a new bar. I know it'll be a first time at the Bassment for me!

Wednesday, Dec. 3: The Rosebuds and The Loners, Pour House
The Loners rocked it at Slim's on Saturday, and The Rosebuds rocked it when they played Slim's a few weeks ago. Good idea to put them both together on the same bill.

Thursday, Dec. 4: FKON, Tir na Nog
Future Kings of Nowhere always manage to sound angsty and joyous at the same time.

Friday, Dec. 5: Southern Culture on the Skids with Malamondos, Lincoln Theatre
I haven't seen SCOTS in years. Anyone else out there remember 'Love in 4D'? Do they still play that one? Greensboro's Malamondos will rock your socks off with a girl singer who channels Bon Scott. The last time I saw them they totally tore up a version of 'Dirty Deeds,' which earns them high praise in my book.

Friday, Dec. 5: Magic Babies with Static Minds and The Huguenots, Slim's
Static Minds are formerly Suburban Sweethearts, now with Andy Kerr of The T's on guitar. The Huguenots list the song "Moulty" by the Barbarians as an influence, and since that's one of the most hilariously awesome songs ever recorded, I'm going to go ahead and advise you to see this band without knowing anything else about them.

Friday, Dec. 5: Polynya with Todd Igoe and Sea Cow, Pizza Palace, Durham.
This is an early show, starting at 8 p.m.
Sea Cow are earnest indie rockers with a love of hockey. Polynya write songs that start sweet and turn bittersweet. I can't find out much about Todd Igoe, except that he is a realtor in Chapel Hill, so if you're not into his music, at least you can ask his advice about buying a house. I don't remember if I've ever been to the Pizza Palace or not. If I have, It's seriously been 20 years or so. Looks like a funky place. I have no idea if the pizza is any good.

Saturday, Dec. 6: Viva la Venus, Dive Bar
Tough girl rockers, with a dude drummer.

Saturday, Dec. 6: American Aquarium, The Pour House
This is one of those bands that makes me feel like I'm in Bizzaro World. Apparently they are pretty well-known and have a whole passel of rabid fans, but I don't know anyone who knows or cares about them. Based on their myspace, they sound like standard alt-country/bar blues. But I might check out this show to find out if I'm missing anything important.

Saturday, Dec. 6: Death Metal Fest, Volume 11
I still don't know anything about the Death Metal fest.

Saturday, Dec. 6: Reservoir 4-year anniversary party
With Transportation, Fin Fang Foom, Caltrop and Monsonia
Caltrop is brain-crushing blues sludge. I have, until now, not been aware of Transportation, but when I googled them, I found reviews by esteemed local critics David Menconi, Ross Grady and Grayson Currin. Apparently they're a soft-ish pop group from Chapel Hill, with a CD out on Demonbeach. CORRECTION: This CD is on Fractured Discs.


Dec. 6: Goner with Here Lies, Slim's
Now here's an odd double-bill: Angry synth-rock (Goner) and death metal (Here Lies). Should be a fun night.

Saturday, Dec. 6: Actual Persons (Living or Dead) with Basalt and Roxcetera, Bull City HQ
Basalt is the solo project of former Mercury Birds/Taja Rae guitarist Nicky. Roxcetera is the latest incarnation of Roxotica, which started out as a tribute to the old all-girl NWOBHM band Rock Goddess. Actual Persons Living or Dead don't have any music on their myspace, so I can't tell you anything about them, but they allegedly have a glockenspiel player in the band.

Sunday, Dec. 7: Chip Robinson, Sadlack's
Former Backsliders frontman is back in the area and playing some shows.

Monday, Dec. 8: Off with Their Heads and Dear Landlord, Bull City HQ


Thursday, Dec. 11: Animal Music with Citified, Tir na Nog

Saturday, Dec. 12: Old Habits Mayhem Holiday Bash, The Pour House

Cool John Ferguson, Slim's
This is an unusual, but very welcome booking for Slim's. Cool John (based in Beaufort, S.C.) is a true electric blues legend, and this is a great opportunity to see him up close and personal.

Dec. 13: Nikki Meets the Hibachi (Early); Dirty Little Heaters with The Loners (late), The Cave

Dec. 14: Birds of Avalon with The T's, Richard Bacchus and the Luckiest Girls and The Loners, Lincoln Theatre
Whoa, this is essentially a who's who of Raleigh rock right here. It will be great to see all of these bands on a big stage.

Dec. 14: An Acoustic Evening with Kenny Roby and Django Haskins, The Pour House
Solo sets from two of the most amazing singer-songwriters in the area.

Monday, Dec. 15: Trekky Records presents Christmas at the Cradle
With the Trekky Yuletide Orchestra, which now has its own CD.

Saturday, Dec. 19: Chatham County Line Holiday Ho Down, The Pour House

Sunday, Dec. 20: Scott Phillips, Royal Bean Coffeehouse
Scott is the singer/keyboard player for Goner. For this show, he's performing two sets solo (8 and 9 p.m.), but with guest appearances by the following folks:

Anne Polesnak (from Physics Of Meaning) on cello
Brian Donohoe (from Starmount) on drums
David Morris on tuba
David Mueller (from Birds Of Avalon) on guitar
Greg Elkins (from Starmount) on pedal steel

Royal Bean Coffeehouse is across from Meredith College in Raleigh.

Sunday, Dec. 20: Evil Wiener Christmas show, The Cave

Sunday, Dec. 20: Pinche Gringo with Dirty Little Heaters, Local 506

Dec. 20: Patty Hurst Shifter, Slim's


Thursday, Dec. 25: Terry Anderson's 9th Annual Christmas Throwdown, The Pour House

Dec. 27: Colossus with Hellrazor, Slim's
Colossus is a must-see for Judas Priest fans. Hellrazor describes themselves as "breakneck heavy metal" on their myspace page, and that pretty much describes the music I've heard by them.

Wednesday, Dec. 31: Urban Sophisticates, The Pour House
Check out the footage my former colleague Rob Roberts got of Urban Sophisticates a couple of years ago.

Wednesday, Dec. 31: Kerbloki, Red Collar, Hammer No More the Fingers, Local 506

Jan. 9: North Elementary CD-release party, Cat's Cradle
With guests Kingsbury Manx, Erie Choir and Popular Kids (stand-up comedy)

Jan. 14: Viva La Venus, Lactose Quervo and HOW, The Pour House

Jan 16: Transportation, Slim's
I have, until now, not been aware of Transportation, but when I googled them, I found reviews by esteemed local critics David Menconi, Ross Grady and Grayson Currin. Apparently they're a soft-ish pop group from Chapel Hill, with a CD out on Demonbeach. CORRECTION: This CD is on Fractured Discs.

Jan 21: Vic Chesnutt, Local 506

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