Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally some info on One Night Stand

Thanks much to Grayson for forwarding this e-mail from the organizer of One Night Stand, Feb. 6 at Local 506. This sounds pretty cool.

The concept is to have some of our favorite local musicians perform their secret (ie, fictional) side-project's "big hit" (we asked the musicians to pick any genre that inspires them). The show will be an audience judged competition consisting of one song per performer/group and our one absolute rule is that the song performed has to be original (ie, not a cover, but not something they are seriously planning to record). Some of the people/bands that have signed on so far are Billy Sugarfix, Adam Price (of Hundred Air), John Harrison (of North Elementary), Paul Finn (of the Kingsbury Manx), and a combination of members from Death Came Down the Mountain and Caltrop (Daryl White, Murat Dirlik, Eddie Sanchez, etc.). Some people are performing songs solo and others will (obviously) have backing bands or be full-on ensembles. Some of the awe-inspiring genres that will be covered in the competition are wizard metal, pop country, AM gold/ feel-good folk, and reggae. In addition to the song competition, we will be running a free raffle all night with all sorts of highly sought out prizes (think gift-certificates-from-Time-Out type of gems). Basically, we're just trying to stir up a little fun during an otherwise quiet night in February.

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