Monday, February 09, 2009

Crooked Beat Records to be on Nightline

For those who remember Crooked Beat records, Chris Dalton passed along this e-mail from Bill Daly:

Terry Moran from Nightline came by Crooked Beat on Friday. Apparently they are doing a story on the resurgence of vinyl records. They were at the store for two hours and interviewed me and some of our customers.

Nightline said they chose us because they had received recommendations from people and also noticed on our website we have been openly supportive of vinyl records since we opened in 1997. Vinyl records accounted for 70% of our sales in 2008. But it was not until 2007, that LP sales actually surpassed CDs in total sales for us.

Recently, the music industry has announced they are returning a large part of their focus to pressing lps. In fact the demand is so high the pressing plants are running 24-7 just trying to keep up. My sales rep at Warner Music recently told me that their vinyl sales were up 1000% in 2008.

The new lps usually come with MP3 codes or the physical cd free inside the album jacket.
Also, after all of these years the labels have finally admitted they never should have tried to kill off vinyl lps in the first place. They said it was a financial decision at the time. Cds were cheaper to manufacture and were convenient. However, some label executives have said they know that LPs always did and still do have a sound warmer and fuller than Cds.

Some of the new turntables we sell at the store come with USB and Ipod dock connections so you can plug them into your computer or to transfer music.

I do not know when it is going to air. But Terry Moran said it will most likely be sometime this week.
Thanks for reading the email.

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