Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm on New Raleigh!

Folks, I'm going to start writing a weekly "5 questions with ..." for New Raleigh. My first one, with Brian Walsby, was published tonight here.

I've been a fan of New Raleigh for a while. The folks who run it are all cool, passionate, and eager to cover what's happening in Raleigh. Plus, they're volunteers, which means they are truly excited about what they're covering. They aren't getting paid to do it.

This column won't replace what I'm doing here, but will be a nice compliment. I'll still do my weekly list of shows here, but plan to start including my shows in New Raleigh's calendar. I'll probably start embedding some of my videos on New Raleigh as well, but plan to maintain the bulk of them on Vimeo (update -- still slogging along adding all my old videos to that site).

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