Friday, April 17, 2009

Interesting things happen when the camera stays home

Last night I decided to go out to Tir na Nog sans camera because I'd seen both Magic Babies and the Huguenots before and didn't necessarily think I needed to capture them again. That was a big mistake because the Huguenots, who were playing their third show of the day, were on it. I've described them as Nuggets-style before, but really they're much more mod with clean hooks, beautiful vocal harmonies and snappy Ringo-style drums. I still have "Julia" stuck in my head this morning.

I think the Magic Babies were good -- at least what I heard was good. Right before they came on, someone swiped my companion's phone from the little fake wall in Tir na Nog, and the next hour was spent in chaos trying to locate it. We knew it had to be the creepy guy who wouldn't leave us alone earlier, so we told Chris Tamplin, who has single-handedly made Tir na Nog a good place to hang out rather than just a cheesy Irish bar. Chris, and another guy named Chris Church, took off after the creepy guy and found him with the phone at Woody's,where they apprehended him and held him until the police arrived. So, if you see either Chris at Tir na Nog, congratulate them and buy them a beer, because Raleigh needs more people who not only book great music, but actually look out for their customers when trouble happens.

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