Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This week's cool shows: Tom Cushman Benefit!

There are lots of great shows happening this week, especially in Raleigh, where the offerings include Holy Ghost Tent Revival at the Pour House on Wednesday, Future Islands and Lonnie Walker at the Brewery on Wednesday, Future Kings of Nowhere at Tir na Nog on Thursday, and Max Indian at Slim's on Saturday.

CORRECTION: Max Indian is NOT playing at Slim's on Saturday, but they are at Busy Bee on Wednesday.

But the undisputed show of the week is the benefit for Raleigh punk icon Tom Cushman Sunday at White Collar Crime. The schedule is as follows: Gringo 3:30, The Trousers 4:30, Richard Bacchus & the Luckiest girls 5:30, Caitlin Cary 6:30, Kenny Roby 7:30, The Infamous Sugar 8:30, Bleeding Hearts 9:30, MWDH 10:30, Rocket Cottage 11:30, T’s 1:15, SeaLegs 12:30. I'll admit that I don't know Gringo or SeaLegs, but the rest of the schedule just can't be beat. So come out and donate some cash for Tom, who is battling a severe case of pneumonia and doesn't have health insurance.

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