Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This week's cool shows: Steve Howell and more!

First off let me say that if anyone can tell me where the photo to the left was taken, please let me know because I bet their "steam clams, wine and steak" are delicious.

Now, having said that, this is the type of week that makes picking one show to spotlight rather difficult. But this week's standout, David Dyer & the Crooked Smile Band with Steve Howell & the Lonesome Teardrops, wins for two reasons. 1. Steve Howell is an awesome honky tonk guitarist, and he has an amazing band backing him up.2. This show, which will take place Friday at Nash Arts Center in Nashville, N.C., hasn't been well-publicized, and I'd like to get the word out. I haven't seen a show at Nash Arts Center, which is in an old church in a little town just this side of Rocky Mount, but I've heard that the setting is beautiful and the sound is really nice. Plus, this is an early show (doors at 6, show at 7 - tix are $10) so if you push it, you can get over to Chapel Hill to see Megafaun that same night at Nightlight or Lonnie Walker, Goner and Gray Young at the Berkeley. 

The other big show this week is undoubtedly Monotonix, who will be at the Pour House Thursday with Whatever Brains. That's the big show because every single person I know is planning to be there. If you haven't seen Monotonix, you should go too, because they are definitely a band that needs to be seen. The spectacle is what matters with Monotonix. The music is kind of meh, though Whatever Brains are certainly going to rock. 

Whatever you do, make sure to get to Tir na Nog on Thursday night for one of the most jaw-dropping bands in North Carolina right now, Greensboro's The Bronzed Chorus. These guys don't play around here nearly often enough. And it turns out they're playing in the area twice this week (they'll also be at Duke Coffeehouse on Saturday), so you have no excuse not to miss them. 

Finally, this Saturday is the FREE! Cooke Street Carnival, with music by A Rooster from the Masses, plus the debut of Tonk, on Cooke Street (duh) in Oakwood. Lots of great music and fun, so check it out. And also check out my interview with Tonk on New Raleigh

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